Effective Witnessing

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 Jeff Johnson, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Downey gives us sound doctrine and solid principles in sharing our faith to this generation. Join the early church through the book of Acts as they witnessed to seeker and skeptic, from the religious to the philosopher. Through this in-depth series on "How to Be an Effective Witness," you will see how various groups responded differently. You will also learn how these same types of people exist and respond to the gospel today. Through this series you will discover how God’s Word is able to meet every person in each area of life.

May God bless you as you learn, “How to Be an Effective Witness.” Messages in this series include:

Part 1 – "The Power to Be A Witness"
Part 2 – "Being Led by the Holy Spirit in Witnessing"
Part 3 – "The Holy Spirit through the Believer in Witnessing"
Part 4 – "Sharing with the Philosopher & the Intellectual"
Part 5 – "3 Reactions to the Gospel"



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