Shipwrecks & Snake Bites

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A Christians Response in Crisis

Don’t you wish life was all smooth sailing? Yet we often find ourselves in the midst of unpleasant, uncomfortable, and unwanted situations which the Bible calls trials. Whether it is dealing with a difficult person, losing a job, being evicted, disease or death, these times bring about profound questions. How we answer these questions will greatly affect and sculpt our lives. How is the Christian to respond to trials? What is the purpose of trials? Is God still in control during these times? Can you really have peace and joy in the midst of trials? 

Join Pastor Jeff Johnson for this four - part series in the last two chapters of the book of Acts which answers these and many other questions. We will take an in-depth look at how God uses the Apostle Paul to be an incredible witness in the midst of perilous situations – Shipwrecks and Snakes-bites. 

A 4-part series from Acts 27 & 28



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