The Topical Handbook of Bible Prophecy

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This handy topical concordance contains more than 300 subjects, all related to the end times and arranged alphabetically.
Each topic is followed by several Scripture references--arranged by sub-topics for fast, accurate searches--that readers can look up in their own Bibles. All of the Bible's most important eschatological verses are included, referring to such things as...
•the rapture, tribulation, second coming, and millennium
•the antichrist, false prophet, and mark of the beast
•Israel' rebirth as a nation and the rebuilding of the Jewish temple
•the Ezekiel invasion, Armageddon, and the day of the Lord
•pre-, mid-, and post-tribulation end-times interpretations
•Bible students of all levels will find quick access to the essential information they need to see what the Scriptures have to say about the things to come.
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